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FatCap #19- Is this the final issue of FATCAP?Featuring:-Scandinavia; Denmark,Sweden & Norway(Bates, Great, Side, Soten, Tiws, Jem, Side, Sabe, Puppet, Zappo, Skil, Kaos, Kazy, Ridder, Raes, Meter, Achoe, Goal, Woble, Kid, Loze, Poker, Duck, Jame and more...)-Atome TFP interview -Sofles DTS TMD -Pay2 COD -Sgee VIMOALL -Eksm OSV -Stay KD Travel report -New York(Wane, Wen, T-Kid, Part1, Chino, Ces, Yes2, Vins, Bio, Cope2 and more...)-Slaughterhouse interview-BraskArt visits Dero TFA's studio

FatCap Magazine #19

  • Magasin info: Omslag med sølvfolie 96 sider Utgivelse 2013
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